superBoxon 23.11-1:


File size: 2.38 GB (2557212672 bytes)

MD5: 80439463feb5808a29d588f1705969f6
SHA1: fc9de5ddd9a08d0ef87a511640997bc52c82476d
SHA256:  8909409b0fd231de6fb6af0b4e717f3de45704579031ad5789583a7ab0b65a56

Source code:


File size: 349.45 MB (366426152 bytes)

MD5: cdb052fcb17445afcfccb19469e9b418
SHA1: 7466630327ae660cb20880a0c926cb33640320db
SHA256:  ccfd5e24c4fc87eaa5f1c7c265590ee75db7c95ad365f00bb157a48d77f3abcb

Based on the October 23, 2023 snapshot of Slackware64 current.

Unprivileged user: joker
Password: joker

Administrator: root
Password: joker

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