Yann Gaillard

News And Situation As Of October

So a few news. After a float period that allowed me to reorganize my life, I can finally start again in good conditions since my employer transformed my employment contract into a permanent contract, so I have a job (and the income that goes with it) for several years if all goes well, which allows me to fund my life, and by extension my projects.

So first change, I will now provide an installable version of the Slackware distibution I am using to generate the superBoxon distribution. It will be exactly the same as the Slackware "current", with the difference that it will also contains the packages I recompiled in addition of packages coming directly from the Slackware "current".

Next, I will start working on the software that will allow the installation and update of the superBoxon distribution in such a way to finally get a system that is really usable in a production environment.

So a lot of good things to come, stay tuned.

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