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The Project Is Being Reorganized.

So I had been wondering about the future of the superBoxon project for some time. Thus, if we take the period from 2022 until now, that's about 2 years of hindsight which is in my opinion enough to have a relevant point of view of the situation.

And overall the situation is adversely undermined. Apart from a Youtube video on a 2022 version and nothing since, some sites that have spoken once or twice about the project, a few hundred superBoxon website visits every month and between 10 to 20 downloads for each new version, there's no sign of more interest.

Search engines have a few pages of the year 2022 and nothing else, even though if I have tried to do my best to improve SEO, but nothing works, not even the 20 or 30 different robots that browse the site several times a month.

No topics on forums apart from one or two posts in some threads where someone says yes, that sounds good, but... (but what, well we don’t know).

No one comes to the website to ask questions about the project, no one to ask to add this or that feature, no one to say that something doesn’t work, nothing, total silence.

If almost no one is interested, and since I'm doing this project in my spare time, I think there's no point to keep providing public updates, I should rather focus on projects that are important to me.

However, the good point is that having finalized this Linux distribution project makes it possible to brings together all of the improvements I wanted to get as an user since I started using Linux in the early 2000s, so I now have a great system, fully customized just the way I wanted it.

What to do next?

Since it is a project that aimed to meet two distinct objectives, namely a simplified distribution that would contains all the improvements I wanted as an user on the one hand, and an additional software management system that would be simple and efficient on the other.

Regarding the distribution, well, we get the point, I will continue to develop it but only for my exclusive use from now on.

However, a simple and effective additional software management system is really what Slackware lacks if you don’t want to go through the SlackBuild step every time you need to use a software.

Given that superBoxon is fully compatible with the Slackware, I could possibly provide a solution that would benefit both systems. Indeed, in any case, I need this software management system for my distribution project even if it is now developed only for me.

Therefore, the superBoxon project will now be transformed into a software suite whose purpose would be to add or improve some of the features that may be useful to a system based on the Slackware distribution.

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