Bare Metal Versions:

superBoxon bare metal 23.05-1 (current):


File size: 1.83 GB (1970159616 bytes)

MD5: d6549bc575ae4d694efea56a3dab573b
SHA1: 90088fa570f44e5dade3848d5a662697fff60cb8
SHA256:  2a22f899631dfc441fc6902e9ff78cba00b0ad80758185c9140541dce24aff45

Based on the April 23, 2023 snapshot of Slackware64 current.

superBoxon bare metal 22.10-1 (previous):


File size: 1.69 GB (1811007488 bytes)

MD5: 99c29a265b387b17d92e8cdcdb2e531a
SHA1: bd78c493cf5b9af7058c60261e1d0e5b1a55538f
SHA256:  3940ab11e280203bec2b29fdd637b3dcbcf0e08ed45d887842c109960a7335a6

Based on the October 10, 2022 snapshot of Slackware64 current.

That ISO image is what I use to build the bases of superBoxon live version. That version is a minimalist version of the Slackware distribution to which I have added some extra packages I use, and It works exactly the same as the Slackware distribution, so at the end of installation you will only get a customized Slackware with all the remaining settings to do by yourself.

Note: Check this tutorial before processing if you want to install that ISO image.

Live Versions:

superBoxon 22.10-1 (current):


File size: 2.23 GB (2395324416 bytes)

MD5: 22e861bc28994c426c5498e3f91caca3
SHA1: ee91105d0b6f05d597670fa94f55dbfd298750e4
SHA256:  1d3aa87a9e99b0b7abb0b419b90f9a55ba76c27da369858f9e7a4dbd783951e9

Based on the October 10, 2022 snapshot of Slackware64 current.

superBoxon 22.04-1 BETA (previous):


File size: 2.15 GB (2310287360 bytes)

MD5: 3690262f3ed79827fa934a3b6328ad91
SHA1: 631fce310a19ff6f9ac783a78a87527f29e98f42
SHA256:  2cf78f5f9a9ea277eb73d6f82d7cfc707e3bcc3b2f1a16aa3530dd2a31db14e4

Based on the April 6, 2022 snapshot of Slackware64 current.

This version is tagged BETA and may not be used as main system on a production computer because I released it just to show that my project is not a vaporware, so be patient, I will release a more polished version soon.

Unprivileged user: joker
Password: joker

Administrator: root
Password: joker

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