superBoxon 23.09-1:


File size: 2.41 GB (2593374208 bytes)

MD5: 00c36b508492d33d4edc36d95f2aef24
SHA1: 8f6f144a39364e820dfda1615e3eb89859a761f5
SHA256:  04608dbfa6a1547dd2fc4f1f73e511e7780b3755aeef7d9efb134a65b42e45ee

Source code:


File size: 346.75 MB (363590620 bytes)

MD5: 8cb5b9910a5810d5a9442ab58da08b60
SHA1: 6298e74eecc443d88899e91c8a5394d8cb768beb
SHA256:  2839492f4c6c4ec3797f237424bdd2017a1eab7ea1bfbb5f4fd6dfea060ba33a

Based on the August 23, 2023 snapshot of Slackware64 current.

Unprivileged user: joker
Password: joker

Administrator: root
Password: joker

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