superBoxon is a GNU/Linux distribution based on the Slackware 64 current but with the following goals:

  • Stay as close as possible of the UN*X/POSIX philosophy,
  • KISS principles,
  • Use simple and Human friendly BSD like init system,
  • Designed for desktop computers, not for mobiles or tablets devices,
  • One program for one task,
  • Simple text and Human friendly configuration files,
  • Traditional graphic user interface (GUI),
  • No overbloated security measures like PAM, systemd/elogind, SELinux, etc...
  • Sandbox and virtual machines when you have to go trough external networks,
  • No tracking, no monitoring, no use of personal data for commercial or other purposes,
  • Rolling release based on Slackware 64 current every two months,
  • Easy way to install additional software,
  • Modules based structure and persistent data mechanism,

The purpose is to take the programs that best fit my needs and then put them together in an independent Linux distribution, a kind of « frankendistro » that will be able to evolve efficiently the way I like.

No need to be the best, just do the job as well as possible.