Yann Gaillard

Time To Release

Hello all, this time it's the right one.

I just regenerated the latest version of my live ISO image of superBoxon based on the April 6, 2022 snapshot of Slackware64 current with the few modifications I made to it.

Yes, I know, April 6 was a month ago, but it doesn't matter, I will use newer versions as I will automate the build process.

It works well on QEMU/KVM, so I will spend a couple of days to test it on the few real computers I have and running it from a USB stick.

If everything works fine, then I will make it available within a week.

So, wish me luck so that everything goes well...


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Yann Gaillard

On The Road Again

Sorry for the lack of news, my mistake…

I'm actually working with a Slackware 15 base to build a variant which use the good old way of Linux/UN*X distros, no PAM/elogind and other controversial parts, but only the old Consolekit2/cgmanager for the moment as I don't have time to trim useless parts, and as in some way I like these components.

Fortunately, my situation has changed recently and I found a job that can fund me while I'm working on superBoxon.

So, don't worry, there will some good news in a very short time.

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