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superBoxon 22.10 Released

With a bit of a delay the version 22.10 of superBoxon live is now released.

I keep working on the basic functionalities to provide all the needed softwares which will allow the user to have the most of what he would needs as soon as the system is loaded.

The following softwares are added/included:

  • leafpad a GTK2 basic text editor has been added to the core system.
  • Gimp version 2.6.12.
  • Thunar GTK2 version 1.8.17.
  • abrowser a fork of firefox from Trisquel GNU/Linux was added as a module with some additionnal settings to improve security.

This version is fully functionnal, but no install program at the time, I am working on it, but I need a little more time.

Go to download page to get the ISO image.

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Yann Gaillard

Possible Problem Of Segmentation Fault With GIMP

If, when you try to run GIMP the logo begin to appear, but after a time nothing happen, maybe there is an issue with some plugins.

Just to be sure, run the MATE Terminal, and type "gimp". If you get a message like below, then this is the case:

(gimp:1492): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: 09:29:42.333: g_param_spec_internal: assertion 'g_param_spec_is_valid_name (name)' failed

(pagecurl:1549): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: 09:29:42.338: pagecurl: gimp_wire_read(): error
Segmentation fault

To temporarily fix the problem use the following procedure in the MATE Terminal (logged in as administrator):

cd /usr/lib64/gimp/2.0/plug-ins
mv pagecurl ..
cd ..
chmod a-x pagecurl

Note: replace "pagecurl" with the name provided by the error message.

Then close the terminal and run Gimp again.

I will take care of the issue for the next version.

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superBoxon Bare Metal 22.10 Released


I am pleased to announce you that superBoxon bare metal version 22.10 is now released.

This ISO image is what I use to build the bases of superBoxon live version. This version is a minimalist version of the Slackware distribution to which I have added some extra packages I use, and It works exactly the same as the Slackware distribution, so at the end of installation you will only get a customized Slackware with all the remaining settings to do by yourself.

Note: Check this tutorial before processing if you want to install this ISO image.

Go to download page to get the ISO image.

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Completion Of Installation Of "Bare Metal" Version

To build the "Live" version of superBoxon distribution, I begin by installing a custom version of the Slackware distribution. This version which I designate by the term "bare metal" is a minimalist version of the Slackware distribution to which I have added some extra packages I use.

Thereby, the installation takes place exactly as if you were installing a typical Slackware with the difference that I am using Grub2 as boot system instead of Lilo or Syslinux.

That's why you will need to perform an additional procedure before you can boot on the newly installed system and that's what I will explain in this article.

Install and configure Grub2 at the end of the installation of "bare metal" version:

When the installation have been completed and the following screen is displayed type Ctrl-C to interrupt the running script.

Move to the "scripts" folder of the installation ISO image:

cd /var/log/mount/scripts/

That folder contains 2 bash scripts that will allow installation, and also to configure Grub2 to be used as the main boot process.

So you have to begin by using the script "" to install Grub2, nano text editor and prepare the environment to use the "chroot" command to configure the new system:


After a few tens of seconds, when the execution of the script is finished, you can use the "chroot" command to log into the new system and finish configuring it.

chroot /mnt

Once connected in the new system, you have to mount the ISO image in order to use the second script:

mount /dev/sr0 /mnt

All that remains is to move back to the "scripts" folder of the ISO image:

cd /mnt/scripts/

Then use the second script contained in the folder:


After a few seconds, when the execution of the script ends, you can exit the "chroot" environment:


That's it, the system is ready to be used, now you have to reboot so that the system will start on the newly installed system.

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Yann Gaillard

News And Situation As Of October

So a few news. After a float period that allowed me to reorganize my life, I can finally start again in good conditions since my employer transformed my employment contract into a permanent contract, so I have a job (and the income that goes with it) for several years if all goes well, which allows me to fund my life, and by extension my projects.

So first change, I will now provide an installable version of the Slackware distibution I am using to generate the superBoxon distribution. It will be exactly the same as the Slackware "current", with the difference that it will also contains the packages I recompiled in addition of packages coming directly from the Slackware "current".

Next, I will start working on the software that will allow the installation and update of the superBoxon distribution in such a way to finally get a system that is really usable in a production environment.

So a lot of good things to come, stay tuned.

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