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Prepare A Disk To Install superBoxon

superBoxon requires a specific partitioning scheme to works properly. Depending on the layout you want to use, you will need to create one to three partitions:

  • One partition if you want a fresh new system on each boot,
  • Two partitions if you want data persistence for user(s),
  • Three partitions if you want data persistence for both system and user(s).

These partitions can be on the same disk or you can use one disk for each partition.

Swap is a mechanism that slows down the computer far too much for the little advantage it provides, so use swap disk only if you have 1 gigabyte of RAM or less.

To proceed, select manual partitioning:

Make a system partition of at least 10 gigabytes mounted on "/":

If you want system persistence, make a partition of at least 2 gigabytes mounted on "/data":

Note: system persistence is not available at the moment.

If you want user(s) persistence, make a partition of all the remaining space mounted on "/home":

If you have a BIOS system computer (not EFI) then use a MBR (MSDOS) partition table who is the best choice in this case. Calamares will display the following warning message, ignore it and proceed with the next steps of the installation.

Check your settings before starting installation to make sure you haven't missed anything:

When installation finished reboot on the new installed system.

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superBoxon 23.11-1 Released

Geek humor:

On Wednesday, November 22, 2023 at 1337 UTC+1 and after 3 days of testing, superBoxon 23.11 is confirmed to be ready for release.

superBoxon version 23.11-1 is now released. This version is not for testing purposes anymore and may be considered production-grade now.

Features available in this release:

  • Installation of new software through a software repository,
  • Update system and software already installed,
  • Uninstall software.

Important features still to be implemented:

  • System data persistence,
  • Regroup all softwares in an online software repository.

Feature currently being tested:

  • Sandbox/virtual machine mode for software accessing an external network.

Go to download page to get the ISO image.

Note: The system is neither designed nor intended to be installed and used on the same support that another system already installed, whether it is Windows or Linux, so you are on your own if you try to install the distribution on a support that already contains another operating system.

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Help And Support About superBoxon Project

If you need help, have questions or want to discuss about the superBoxon project, you can do it in the dedicated part of the site which is now open.

Use the Support option located in the menu bar at the top of this page.

To start a new topic, use the Ask A Question option you can find in the menu bar at the top of the page in the dedicated part of the site.

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superBoxon 23.09-2 Released

superBoxon version 23.09-2 is now released. This version fixes or improves what previously didn't work well and also add some additional features.

  • Tweaked some settings to speed up MATE Desktop loading,
  • EFI boot (you have to disable secure boot),
  • Amnesic mode (no system/user persistence),
  • Semi-amnesic mode (no system persistence, user persistence),
  • Adding Firejail security sandbox (for evaluation),
  • Adding GIMP 2.6 and Abrowser as module (to test modules feature).

Next intermediate version towards the end of the month.

Go to download page to get the ISO image.

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Error: Could not update ICEauthority file

If you face this kind of error message on a newly installed system you can use this workaround to solve that issue.

  • boot on the install disk,
  • mount the newly installed disk,
  • create a /users folder at the root of installed system,
  • go to /users folder on install disk,
  • copy file 10-home.szs to /users folder of installed system,
  • umount the newly installed disk,
  • reboot to the newly installed disk.

I done a not very well tested last change before building the ISO image that causes this problem.

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