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superBoxon 23.09-1 Released

superBoxon version 23.09-1 is now released. This version marks a major milestone in the progress of the superBoxon project. Indeed, I have used the last few months to work on almost every aspect, every process and all the features who have to equip a serious GNU/Linux distribution.

Now is the time to bring all these experiments together in a coherent and functional system that a user with no particular technical skills should be able to easily make it works.

So this month, I make the base system available. No software other than the standard accessories to manage the system.

Features available in this release:

  • Boot in BIOS and EFI mode,
  • System can be started in "debug" mode to see what happens in case of trouble,
  • Using OpenRC init system temporarily,
  • Install to hard disks or USB drives,
  • Can be used as a Live-CD which does not hold data between sessions,
  • Possibility of storing user data when installed to hard disks or USB drives.

Important features still to be implemented:

  • System data persistence,
  • Sandbox/virtual machine mode for software accessing an external network,
  • Regroup all softwares in an online software repository,
  • Installation of new software through this software repository,
  • Update system and software already installed,
  • Uninstall software.

Starting with this version, I'm going to release an intermediate version in order to temporarily switch to a monthly update which will allow me except last minute technical issues, to make these features available by the end of the year.

Go to download page to get the ISO image.

Warning: The system is neither designed nor intended to be installed and used on the same support as another system already installed, whether it is Windows or Linux, so you are on your own if you try to install the distribution on a support that already contains another operating system.

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